The Facts

Some key facts about our technology:

Therapy monitoring Measure reduction of cells during therapy
Hyperthermia capable Targeted hyperthermia using the same NP
Multifunctional NP capability Anticancer drugs, other molecules
Concentrated drug delivery Same NP magnetically concentrated
Requires minimal injection < 0.001 allowable iron injection
Results to clinician in minutes Fast data analysis routines
May be used repeatedly For targeting different cell types
Inexpensive One-fifth the cost of an MRI or PET scan
No ionizing radiation or high fields Unlike X-rays or MRI
Fast Typical 5 min scan, 30 min for an MRI
Applicability in other diseases Transplant rejection, Alzheimer’s, etc
High applicability in cancer Breast, ovarian, prostate, etc
Good localization, multiple sources Sources to 0.5 mm, resolve to 1 cm
Tissue, bone are transparent Tissue and bone complicate other imaging technologies
Specific only to targeted cells No false positives
Sensitive only to bound NP Not true for MRI and PET
Linear magnetic moment Can count cells while MRI saturates
High Sensitivity < 30,000 cells detectable