PrecisionMRX® Nanoparticles

PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles are extensively characterized superparamagnetic nanoparticles designed for size-sensitive applications, such as superparamagnetic relaxometry, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic particle imaging, magnetically induced hyperthermia, and others. The core component of PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles is magnetite Fe3O4. PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles are 24.5 - 25.5 nm in diameter, and each manufactured lot has a narrow size dispersity of ± 1.5 nm.


PrecisionMRX® nanoparticles are commercially available with oleic acid, streptavidin, and carboxylic acid external coatings. For complete descriptions, pricing, and part numbers, visit our PrecisionMRX® nanoparticle web site

Collaborative Work by CINT & Senior Scientific

This film was created by a film crew from the Los Alamos Laboratory to be part of the ongoing exhibit on nanotechnology at the Bradbury museum in Los Alamos for the Center for Integrative Nanotechnologies (CINT). It consists of interviews with Dr. Dale Huber and Edward R. Flynn which are partially overlaid visually by ongoing experiments and experimental results.



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Superparmagnetic Nanoparticle Structure

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Magnetite Nanoparticle Core

Uniformly Sized Superparamagnetic Fe3O4.

Protective Polymer Coating

Monolayer provides stability in aqueous suspensions.

Stealth Coating – PolyEthylene Glycol

Minimizes opsonization in biological applications.

Antibody Conjugates

Provides molecular specificity for targeting cells.