Our Vision

Senior Scientific is dedicated to providing tools to find and eliminate cancer. We have unequaled expertise in the physics of magnetic fields and nanotechnology and the medical application of these fields. Our focus is in the rapidly emerging field of nanobiotechnology with an emphasis on the early detection and localization of cancer and other human diseases. Our technologies also hold the promise of providing image-guided therapy for the treatment of these diseases, as well as providing new methods for therapeutic intervention.

Our proprietary technologies and methods employ magnetic nanoparticles targeted towards cells associated with cancer and other diseases and provide the ability to detect these cells through highly sophisticated magnetic sensors. These methods have numerous preclinical and clinical applications. Preclinical research projects have focused on the early detection of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, leukemia, and Alzheimer's disease, and the non-invasive detection of transplant rejection.

The promise of our research is highlighted by the multiple Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants we have received from the National Institutes of Health.

Bob Proulx at NobleCon12

This video captures Senior Scientific COO Bob Proulx's address to investors at the January 2016 NobleCon meeting, where he presents the unique properties of magnetic relaxometry and explains how it can be used to catch cancer in its earliest stages, when life-saving treatments are most effective. NobleCon is an annual conference attended by investors who want to learn about the most promising new technologies and opportunities.